Interior Design Services

interior design services in TorontoDepending on your personal preferences, the nature of your project, and your budgetary considerations, as your interior designer we will work with you in a way that will maximize the value you and your home will receive from her services. Typically, you begin with a courtesy telephone consultation during which we learn about your project, your budget, and the various ways you we work together. We then meet with you to get a thorough understanding of your desires, a review of what there is to work with, designs that appeal to you, and a discussion of what overall results you are trying to achieve. Whatever the styles you prefer, we will guide you through the choices you make to ensure that the end result meets or exceeds your expectations and reflects your personality, not ours. Some clients require only a single meeting to review design decisions, and that is the end of the job. More often, however, we stay involved with the project through its completion, whether that is days, weeks, or months.

Residential, Window Treatments, Renovations


The first step is a meeting to get to know each other and the nature of the project. During this phase, we will learn your preferences, and will review photos, clippings, and swatches that you might have collected as you began visualizing your project. This is also the time to have budget discussions, so that you can share the same vision as to the expected results from the estimated expense.


During the design phase, we will prepare drawings, collect samples and photographs, perhaps accompany you to some of the design centers, take measurements, and in general work out the specifications for the job. During this time, we will consult with and advise you on fabrics, furnishings, paint colors and finishes, floor coverings, window treatments, stone and tile, cabinetry, and all other aspects of your project.


When the design is complete, we will summarize the materials, labor, and other costs into a complete proposal for your review. We will also provide a schedule for each part of the project, so that you will be able to plan accordingly.